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Capt Bill Wilson / Master Captain / Dive Master / Marine Science

Boat is located at 2880 N. Seabreeze Point Crystal River, Florida 34429  

Crystal River Swim with Manatee Tours

 Get in touch with your wild side, Experience the Quality Difference.

  • Our Swim with Manatee Tours is conducted with the owner of Florida Outfitters Inc, Capt Bill Wilson. 

  • Our Manatee Tours are conducted year-round. The very best time to see and swim with manatees is when it is cold here in Florida, Oct to March. 

  • We give you Unlimited time with the Manatees, All that we ask is that you be on time.

Swimmer with a Crystal River ManateeSwimmer with a Crystal River Manatee
  • Always, Small Groups, this is something that people never ask, how many people do you have on your tour. Think about it, the more people yo have on a tour the higher chances of someone scaring off the manatees.

  • We have set the standards a long time ago on proper manatee interaction. Our swim with manatee tour is about learning, passive interaction which will give you the total experience, without putting stress on the animals.

  • We have our own Manatee Awareness Program. The things we learn during this period is Manatee Evolution, Manatee Habitat, Social Behavior's, Regulations and Restrictions around the Manatees. In a nut shell, we are giving you some Manatee Manners!

A Manatee and snorkeler, swimming next to each other in Crystal River Florida.A Manatee and snorkeler, swimming next to each other in Crystal River Florida.

  • All-Inclusive with nothing to rentWe provide quality gear needed to snorkel, which includes full wetsuits along with booties to keep you warm. 
  • Soft Drinks, Bottle Water and Quality Snacks aboard the boat.

I am watching you!I am watching you!

  • Our Manatee Tour is priced at $90.00 per person plus a state sales tax, for Absolute the best swim with manatee tour going.

  • Remember this is a Full Day with Unlimited Time, All-Inclusive and best of all Very Small Groups.


You must make reservations prior to your tour.

Please email us using the contact form.

Capt Bill Wilson 1.321.445.1119

Manatee Tour Boat is Located at:

Twin Rivers Marina   2880 N Seabreeze Point   Crystal River, Florida 34429