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Capt Bill Wilson / Master Captain / Dive Master / Marine Science

Boat is located at 2880 N. Seabreeze Point Crystal River, Florida 34429  

Most Frequently Asked Questions: 


How much does your manatee tour cost?

The cost of a tour is $90.00 per person plus a state sale tax.


When is the best time to see manatees?

The very best time is from Oct to March.


What about your off season manatee tours, we do not get a chance to visit Florida during the peak season.

Our off season has a 98% success, since we own the company, we give you unlimited time and limit the number of swimmers on our boat, this really pays off most days.


How far is your boat from Orlando and Tampa?

Depending one where you're staying:  Orlando is around 1.5 hours north west, Tampa is around 1.5 hours north. I would allow a few extra minutes, so you're not late.


Do you have any age restrictions?

We have a min age of 4 years old, or the child must be able to fit properly into a Type 1 life jacket. 


How long is your tour, average?

Any where from 5 to 6 hours and some times longer, but remember we really do not carry a watch.


What time do you start, I see every one else starts very early to get the best manatee viewing.

We meet at 9:00 am at the boat. I tried the early trips but there was to many people on the water at one time. Plus I have yet to see a manatee with a Rolex!

It all comes down to the tides, plain and simple. The companies that run multiply trips with multiple boats, their in business to make as much money as they can. We understand business, but we simply offer one tour per day with one boat with a small group. 


Do we have to snorkel the whole time or do we take breaks.

This is totally up to you, we keep this very laid back.


What do I bring?

Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, extra batteries for your camera, bring what you would to the beach. During the winter months you should bring a jacket.


How deep is the water?

Any where from 3 to 7 feet and in some places a little deeper.


What about weather?

We hope it is cold for your tour, if it rains that is not a problem as the boat is partially covered. We will cancel a tour if it is lighting or very high winds.


Do you offer scuba diving?

Yes, but not with the manatees and not in this area.  We teach diving from basic scuba diver to Professionals and many specialty classes.

The US Fish and Wildlife does not permit scuba diving with the manatees, our scuba diving tour is a totally separate trip and is not offered during the manatee tour.


My questions was not answered here?

Not a problem just email your questions and I will be happy to answer each and every question you have.