Swim with Manatees Crystal River Florida

Capt Bill Wilson has been celebrating over 18 years as a Professional Eco-guide conducting swim with manatees in Crystal River, Florida. 

The Crystal River, Florida swim with manatees program is one of only 2 locations in the United States that is federally regulated to swim with these gentle giants.

Crystal River Florida is also home to the largest populations of manatees in the world. 

 What makes the difference in our swim with manatee tours?      Quality versus Quantity

  • Unlimited Time, Professional Educator, CPR certified, United States Coast Guard Master Captain. 
  • To minimize the impact on Wild Manatees, we maintain a Very Small Group size. This is the key to our success on your manatee encounter.
  • Our Eco-tour - Swim with Manatees is conducted in a natural spring setting in Crystal River Florida, with free roaming, wild manatees. 
  • We run our manatee tours with education in mind, emphasizing total respect for the Florida manatee. We want you to walk away with a long lasting memory. 
  • We only offer one swim with manatee tour per day without any time restrictions.

Why only offer one tour each day:

For two reasons, First your on vacation, and sometimes it takes a while to find the manatees.

Second once we find the manatees and you start to rush, people tend to scare away the manatees. This is not the reason that you take a manatee tour. 


Manatee hugging a dock.Manatee hugging a dock.

Swim with manatees Crystal River FloridaSwim with manatees Crystal River Florida









Our Manatee Tour boat is located at Twin Rivers Marina 

Capt Bill Wilson 1-888-588-3483 or 1-407-402-0092

2880 N. Seabreeze Point  Crystal River Florida, 34429